Kristin is a creative and imaginative mom who gets excited over colored envelopes. She enjoys checking the mailbox as much as her inbox and loves to dream up parties for life’s most celebrated events. She is guilty of proudly displaying invitations and announcements in her home as if they were works of art. She believe a card can say a lot about its sender, and the right invitation can set the tone for your whole event.

Kristin loves all things stationery {as opposed to stationary, which, by definition means standing still… and who has time for that anyway?!>!} She is addicted to diet coke, loves sleeping in, and going on tropical vacations with her husband. She likes running {which is a good thing, cuz she always is!} and prefers salty to sweet, unless it’s a movie-theater-size box of hot tamales. She adores her 3 kids and would pay all the money in the world for an invention that keeps them from growing up so fast! She has contemporary taste and old-fashioned values. Too much technology makes her nervous. Honesty and integrity are king. Do what you say, and say what you mean! She thrives on the stress most others fear when hosting a party.  Kristin’s background is in education, but she’s been designing cards for years. It is her passion and obsession. She will come up with any excuse to plan a party and has been known to start planning her own Christmas card in June! Let Kristin obsess over your family’s biggest celebrations and events.

What Makes Us Tick

Just exactly who are we? A crazy and imaginative mom who get excited over colored envelopes. We enjoy checking the mailbox as much as our inbox and love to dream up parties for life’s most celebrated events. We are guilty of proudly displaying invitations and announcements in our homes as if they were works of art. We believe a card can say a lot about its sender, and the right invitation can set the tone for your whole event.